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The Ohio Museum of Transportation has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy. The following discloses the information gathering and dissemination practices for this Web site:

The Ohio Museum of Transportation

Information Automatically Logged

The Ohio Museum of Transportation's Web site does record your IP address to help diagnose server related problems and for administrative purposes. This information is collected to help breakdown what is being looked at during each visit so that we can determine how we can improve our Web site and to protect the site from misuse. This information is not sold, given away or used in any other manner.

The Ohio Museum of Transportation's Members Section requires disclosure of it's Members names and E-mail addresses. This information is used only to grant access to the password protected portion of this Web site as well as notify it's Members of Museum events and to help diagnose problems internally. This information is not sold, given away or used in any other manner.


Not Applicable.

Personal Information

The Ohio Museum of Transportation does not request or collect personal information regarding you on our Web site that will allow you to be identified or contacted with the exception of the following three items:

Museum Store Secure Server Orders - We require an E-mail address in case there is a problem with the order or credit card. Orders submitted without an E-mail address will not be accepted. (Mandatory)

Feedback - We request an E-mail address if you wish a response (Not Mandatory).

Transit Talk: We require an E-mail address if you wish post to the board, however the E-mail address is not visible to anyone who views the post. Transit Talk uses cookies to save user preferences, posting name (handle), IP and last time accessed. This information is stored locally on your computer and not on the server. This information is only used for Transit Talk to allow features such as new message notification, auto-fill of handle  for postings and display preferences. These cookies are coded and not readable except by Transit Talk.  Information stored in the cookie will not be sold or given away to a third party. Providing an E-mail address is voluntary and not required to post to Transit Talk. Passwords required to post are not stored on the cookie.

E-mail: E-mail will automatically provide your E-mail address to us if you send us any E-mail.

Any personal information obtained from the Feedback or E-mail will only be used to issue a personal response to your inquiry. Any personal information obtained from the Museum Store Orders will only be used for the processing of that particular order. The information will not be sold, given away or used in any other manner.

Public Forums

This site makes 1 message board, Transit Talk,  available to it's users. Please remember that any information you disclose in this forum is public information and you should exercise caution in disclosing personal information on the Transit Talk and Members Discussions board.


This site has security in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. All E-mail and Feedback is removed from the server immediately after sending. A complete backup of this site is held off-line by the Webmaster of this site. Only the Webmaster has access to alter the contents of this site.

We strongly discourage the practice of ordering merchandise from the Museum Store by E-mail. Please use our Secure Server or US Mail for any orders. Credit Card information sent to us will be strictly confidential and only used for the transaction you requested.

Contacting The Web Site

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this Web site, you can contact:

Additional Information On Our Policies And Content

The Ohio Museum of Transportation is committed to maintaining a safe and secure experience for all ages when surfing our web site domain. This information is designed to state our commitment to your privacy and to our sites content.

1. The Ohio Museum of Transportation will not add any E-mail addresses from received E-mails to a mailing list unless the sender (you) tells us specifically that you wish to be added. All E-mail sent to our site will be considered confidential unless otherwise told by the sender.

2. Any mailing lists that The Ohio Museum of Transportation creates or maintains will not be sold or given away to any individual, company, corporation or organizations. Any mailing list we create is specifically to transmit information regarding our organization.

3. The Ohio Museum of Transportation will not use any program, cookies, or coding within our site to collect E-mail or other personal information from visitors to our site. 

4. The Ohio Museum of Transportation's Web site does collect IP addresses however this information is only used to breakdown what was looked at in the Web site. It does not collect E-mail addresses or other personal information.

5.  The Ohio Museum of Transportation asks that you use the our Secure Server or U.S. Mail to handle all sales transactions. We strongly discourage the use of transmitting credit card information via unsecured E-mail to us. E-mail addresses are required for the Secure Server orders from the Museum Store. This information will be treated in strict confidence and not sold, traded or used in anyway except to process the order.

6. The content of our site shall always be related to public transportation.

7. The Ohio Museum of Transportation, in order to provide a safe site for all, has voluntarily rated its site with RASC.

8. Our site does provide links to external Web sites. These external Web sites are not covered by our privacy policy. Please contact the site owner of the external pages for information regarding their privacy policy.

The Ohio Museum of Transportation will not provide links to questionable sites. All sites on our "Connections" page are reviewed periodically to insure the site linked is transportation related. Any site found to have a link to a questionable site (i.e. adult content) would be removed from our "Connections" page.

9. Any site that is suggested to us for inclusion into our "Connections" page will be reviewed prior to adding and is subject to the conditions listed in Item 8 of this privacy statement. The individual submitting the suggested site would be covered under Items 1,2 and 11.

10. Transit related information contained within an E-mail or Feedback response may be used or referenced on our site and/or publication "Buckeye Express" however the sender information will remain confidential as per Items 1,2,3,4 and 10 of this privacy statement.

11. Any E-mail address and/or IP address through which information is sent to our organization by E-mail that is threatening to any of our membership and/or Museum or is spamming our organization will be promptly turned over to the proper law enforcement agency for investigation.

13. The Transit Talk discussion board is a public forum. E-mail addresses are required as a means of protecting the posters identity from someone else using the name/handle.

This documentation will be updated as needed however the basics remain the same. We will honor your privacy at all times and remain an "all ages" public transportation related site.

For additional clarification or comments, please contact

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