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Museum Roster

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Here you will find information on the buses in the Museum collection.

Click on the coach numbers for a picture and more detailed information on the various coaches in our collection.

The roster is being updated to reflect our recent changes to the museum roster.

We need your immediate help to keep this collection and to continue preserving our heritage. Please consider donating to our Land Acquisition Fund so that we will have a permanent home to store the following coaches.

Coach Make Year Model Serial Company Remarks
641 GMC 1959 TDH5301 119 Cleveland Transit 641 Restored
108 GMC 1966 SDM4502 126 Community Traction Co 108 / TARTA 108 As Removed From Service. Coach repainted to original
302 GMC 1968 TDH3502 102 Hamilton City Lines 311 / The Bus Co 302 (Hamilton OH) As Removed From Service
220 FLX 1969 111CC-D5 54034 Ohio State University 220 Needs Minor Work
407 FLX 1971 111DD-D51 55629 Toledo Area RTA 407 As Removed From Service
48 GMC 1974 T6H4523A 1015 Western Reserve Transit Authority (Youngstown OH) As Removed From Service
(Richland Co. Paint Scheme)
204 GMC 1975 T8H5307A 3717 North Olmstead 204 As Removed From Service
6 FLX 1977 35096 62456 Wooster Transit  6 / Richland County Transit 6 As Removed From Service
309 Grumman 1982 40102-8 CD094182 Toledo Area RTA 309 As Removed From Service
(None) GMC 1947 PD-3751 416 Greyhound Lines Restored
99 GMC 1951 TDH-3612 818 P&W Lines (Weirton WV) As Removed From Service
1354 GMC 1954 TDH-5105 821 Twin City Lines
(Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN)
As Removed From Service
3706 Twin 1947 44-S 47 Cleveland Transit System Awaiting Restoration
386 Twin 1950 45-S 7 Akron Transportation Awaiting Restoration
1075 Twin 1950 41-SW 1 Milwaukee & Surburban Transport Co. As Removed From Service
1942 Twin??? 1942? Open Air ??? Summit Coaches As Removed From Service

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