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Coach Manufacturer Production Lists

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GM New Look

U.S. Production Lists

Some of these lists are quite large and may take a while to fully load

GM New Look Transit Models GM New Look Suburban Models
TGH3301 SDH4501
TDH3301 SDM4501
TDH3301A SDH4502
TDH3302 N/A SDM4502
TDH4516 S6H4503
TDH4517 S6H4503A
TDH4518 S6M4503
TDH4519 S6M4503A
T6H4521 S6H4504A
T6H4521A S6M4504A
T6H4523 N/A SDH5301
TDH5301 SDM5301
TDH5302 SDH5302
TDH5303 SDM5302
TDH5304 S8H5303A
T6H5305 S8M5303A
T6H5305A S8H5304A
T8H5305 S8M5304A

GM Canada Diesel Division


Canadian New Look Production

T8H5306 Off-site link to Alan Gryfe's site
T6H5307 N/A
T6H5308 N/A
T8H5308 N/A
TDM/T6M- All models combined

The production lists are posted as an educational reference only.

The Ohio Museum of Transportation is not affiliated with General Motors Corp.

We are adding some additional detail to the production lists to indicate preserved coaches, special notes, etc. Not all lists are done as we constantly receive new information and the lists will be updated as time allows.

If you know of a preserved GM New Look coach, please email us at and let us know so we can list it as a preserved coach in our listings.


The production listings on this site are believed to be accurate based on the information we have, however errors may occur.

Points to remember

1. The information was obtained from a GM production listing.

2. The transit system or company listed as the purchaser is who GM had recorded. There were many times third parties involved in the acquisition especially for small transit companies so a coach that ran for your system may be listed under a third party.

3. The fleet number on the production list is what the coach was delivered with from GM. Companies may have changed the coach numbers on arrival.

4. Coaches that went to GM Engineering or were demonstrators typically had the coach serial number as the coach number. The GM listing did not show the number assigned to the engineering and demo coaches  however.

5. The delivery date was the month and year that the coach was delivered to the purchaser, not necessarily when it was built. With engineering and demo's that were later sold, it refers to when GM actually delivered the bus to the ultimate purchaser.

6. Serial numbers listed as NOT BUILT occurred from either a cancelled order (cancelled before manufacture) or GM skipping the number all together.

7. Stock Job coaches are coaches that were ordered but no special specifications were given with the order.

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