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1953 - 1996

Flxible Transit Coach Production Lists

Flxible assigned serial numbers to it's coaches in consecutive order and not by model. The list here is broken down by model so the serial numbers may appear to be out of sequence.

Some of these lists are extremely long and may take a while to load

"Old Look Design" 1953-1960

FL models * FT models F2D models
Not Built/Cancelled

"New Look Design" 1961-1978

First Generation Second Generation Third Generation
F2D models 111CC models 35096 models
FD models ** 111CD models 45096 models
FD "35"  models ** 111DD models 45102 models
F2P models 111DC models 53096 models
411 "76" models *** 53102 models
-Not Built/Cancelled Not Built/Cancelled Not Built/Cancelled

Evergreen Alabama "New Look" Production 1963-1966

75000 models

Canadian Flxible "New Look" Production 1965-1966

Canadair models ****

Flxible "ADB" 870/Metro Production 1978-1996

870 style Metro Style *****
All 870 Production 30096
Not Built

* The "FL" models listed here were built after Flxible acquired Twin Coach. Twin Coach "FL" models are not in this production listing. For "FL" models made under Twin Coach, see the Twin Coach production lists.

** There were two ranges of "FD" models. The first range fell into the standard Flxible assignment of serial numbers and the "35" models were in their own serial number range and were suburban style coaches.

*** There were 16 coaches manufactured at Loudonville in the 76000 serial range for San Bernardino CA which were built similar to the coaches manufactured at Evergreen AL.

**** Built under license agreement from Flxible by Canadair in Ville St-Laurent, Quebec.

***** There were various series within each model. These will be broken down in the list when time permits

The production lists are posted as an educational reference only.


The production listings on this site are believed to be accurate based on the information we have, however errors may occur.

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