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Coach Manufacturer Production Lists

Coach Manufacturer

Production Lists

Here you will find complete production lists for transit coaches from various manufacturers.

These lists are as accurate as we can make them with the information we have available, however, errors can occur.

flx1420sm.jpg (10764 bytes)

Beaver Model B-35-PT

Twin Coach

Flxible Transits Beaver Coaches Twin Coach

GM Old Look GM New Look RTS
GM Old Looks GM New Looks GM/TMC RTS


If you find these production listings useful, please consider making a donation so that we can continue our mission of preserving our transit heritage.

The production listings are for educational purposes only

Please remember that while we strive to make these production lists as accurate as possible, errors may occur. They are posted with information obtained by our organization from various sources that we believe to be accurate.

The Ohio Museum of Transportation assumes no liability for any damages resulting from the use of these production listings. They are posted for educational purposes only.

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